When serving your car industry professionals will almost universally recommend anyone to use genuine OEM/Original Equipment Manufacturer car parts.

But why is that the case? We list some of the reasons.

Quality & Reliability

Parts made directly by the original manufacturer are generally always going to be of the highest quality and last the longest.

To guarantee the part will fit, work as expected, and not break quicker than it would otherwise, using OEM parts is recommended.

Guarantee & Support

If you buy parts from a trusted retailer and they break unexpectedly quickly, you can claim on the guarantee and get them replaced.

This is especially useful if the parts are damaged or not working on arrival for whatever reason, you don’t want to have to wait for them to go all the back to China again if you have bought them on the cheap.

Compatibility with on-board systems

As cars get more complex, making sure that your parts are compatible with electronic on-board systems is becoming more important.